Samsonite – NEOPULSE Shooting – GWC World





SAMSONITE wanted to dedicate a major shoot to six collections for Outdoor and Indoor communication of all Shopping Malls & Outlets in Europe. One of these is the NEOPULSE line: contemporary suitcases with a design featuring distinctive details, produced from ultra-lightweight polycarbonate that provide premium aesthetics and a very smooth dragging experience. Neopulse trolleys are designed for a target audience of people between 25 and 65 years of age who are "design minded" and always looking for the latest trend.


GWC handled the shoot across the board, from creative direction to on-set production to expert retouching. Observing the structure of the suitcase and its geometric lines, we were inspired to enhance its features with a studio shoot that played with backdrops reminiscent of the optical world. These well-balanced optical interventions framed the suitcase and the model chosen to become the face of this collection, with an easy chic stilyng incorporating graphic elements.