As they say: a ‘picture is worth a thousand words, let alone the moving image … and the web has noticed: it is the era of VideoM ania! The video has become the protagonists of the new content marketing strategies; they are an effective means of satisfying the needs of information and entertainment, they help to better fix the concepts and allow the user to more easily get in touch with the message conveyed, involving him in an empathic experience.


Audiweb tells us that the videos recorded in the month of May only 23.2 million unique users or 79.3% of web users in Italy … a figure in continuous and unstoppable rise! From + 33% of videos viewed in 2014 recorded in 2014, to + 29% expected in 2017. So, while Facebook and YouTube compete for the scepter of the video sharing platform (at the moment Facebook seems to be on the lead), the only real winner is the video, with its universal language, with its ability to present a large quantity information more directly, and that we like GWC a lot. Alessia