2018 is an epochal year for the brand on Facebook. It is made a new algorithm that put on the first floor the updating of parents and friends, “penalizing” the brand.

Good for users but not good for brand that this year they have to accept a more difficult challenge: to engage the fan without pass through every single post.

Is it possible? We believe yes!

1. To be one of theme

First of all you must study the fanbase to understand from who is composed and what she really love. Therefore, the tools for analyzing performance and sentiment are becoming more strategic, in order to understand what people think of the brand and communicate accordingly.

2. To be honest but creative

Each brand must continue to communicate in accordance with its values but, at the same time, must be able to innovate to chase the trends of the moment in terms of themes but also graphic formats.

3. To offer a side view

Following a brand does not only mean knowing “life, death and miracles” of products but also sharing dreams, ideas, news that may not be strictly related to the brand but that can offer added value to communication.

Following these three cornerstones and knowing how to renew themselves, while remaining coherent, we can continue to dialogue with our fans. Those who read the posts will be less than before (all pages will have a decline in organic reach) but it is at this time of difficulty that we need to know how to seize the opportunity. It is indeed time to abandon mass communication and work on a much more strategic audience.