After the success of the IOS and Android Sole Amico application, born from the collaboration between Vista Defense Commission and Cosmetica Italia (Confindustria), GWC also realizes the version for iWatch, the latest born in Apple, available in Italy from 26 June. The application, available from July 1, is entirely designed, designed and programmed by the GWC World Team and allows you to consult the weather forecast of your favorite location with special attention to the UV rays and personal protection. The smartphone versions already online at also allow you to discover the tricks to protect yourself in all weather conditions, overcoming the myths and taking care of your eyes and skin. “Nothing excites us as much as the news; the apps for iWatch and in general for wearable devices are a new goal that adds to the many services that we are able to offer today “explains Alessandro” These devices know us in an intimate way and thanks to the integrated sensors they are able to make more personal and specify each indication. A beautiful and captivating challenge for us that we want to help brands keep in touch with people in a useful and engaging way “.