Omega Chefaro Italia has relied on GWC World to strengthen and increase the awareness of one of its leading brands: RestivOil. Following a detailed market research, which highlighted the effectiveness of the product and a strong loyalty to the brand in regular consumers, our project started at the beginning of March. Our task is to generate new brand awareness, our idea is to start a product sampling out of the ordinary: yes to the free trial of the product, but only to a super targeted target. Through an impressive AdWords campaign, we intercept the target that was shown to be potentially interested in the use of RestivOil and only after filling out a short questionnaire we send a free sample; in this way, in addition to collecting data useful to Omega Chefaro for the profiling of the target, we address the test produced only to those who are really interested, thus avoiding the dispersion of budget. “We worked from a very clear brief that gave us the opportunity to devise and develop a precise strategy that involves and integrates the work of various business units of the agency” explains Alessandro.