Omega Chefaro Italia chooses GWC to relaunch Lactacyd Omega Chefaro Italia relied on GWC World to study and implement a 9-month engagement plan for the restitution of the new Lactacyd; one of the company’s flagship products. Thanks to the Keep’Ntouch ™ proprietary creative approach, based on the creation and maintenance of the dialogue between brand and brand-lovers, we won the competition by presenting a multidimensional and multitarget communication project divided into 4 phases with the aim of integrating and supporting the ‘on air of the TV commercial. All initiatives are based on a common thread that expands and enriches the worldwide campaign, adapting it strategically to the Italian market, a concept designed and designed to deeply involve the target audience. The new universe of Lactacyd, interpreted by the GWC team, therefore lives on a network of integrated channels: the minisite, the hub within which will flow the many initiatives in the program, a very active Facebook page, a hashtag of reference #scelgodunquesono, the symbol V-sign contaminant and many engaging activities designed to entertain and reward women who want to share with others their experiences and their small great choices. “Today a TV commercial, even if supported by a strong investment, is no longer enough to engage its target; we need a broader project in which all the components live in symbiosis with each other in order to capitalize on the cost per contact and create new brand-lovers “, explains Alessandro Malnati, CEO of GWC World.