Pwas are apps that are located on a server and their technology gives to the users which will use them a browser experience. Pwa looks exactly like a native App thanks to the same navigation system. They are not related to a specific device and they look exactly the same on each different device: desktop, tablet and mobile.

Progressive web apps are a link between websites and mobile apps and they are considered best user experience. This new software enables everyone to use the product without downloading on a device a heavy application.


  1. Reliable: browsers can open the pages even with a bad network state, user data will be synchronized once connection will be good.
  2. Fast: Pwa download is generally faster than a normal website. Upload usually takes less than a second
  3. Engaging: It’s easy to add the pwa on the home screen. The user doesn’t need to use any app store or wasting time to look for the app, they can add it to their home straight from the internet.