Creating quality content is an increasingly important challenge for companies. Publishing projects are constantly born, even at high level, with the aim of positively influencing the habits of their target addressing topics related to the brand. We think of Air BnB, which not only enriches its portal with tourist guides and fascinating stories about travel, but has now decided to create even a magazine printed in a few thousand copies (Pineapple). Or Redbull Bullettin, the editorial project by Redbull that tells the most adrenaline and spectacular sports enterprises but also deals with trends, life style, influencers and much more. “Q” is instead an online magazine focused on the healthy lifestyle and on the sport launched by the international chain of top level Equinox gyms. But we also have some successful Italian examples. For example “Che futuro!”, Chebanca online portal! that speaks of innovation in the most disparate forms thanks to the contribution of different pens. Social networks are also following this wave, making their newsfeeds increasingly selective and offering valuable content. This is the case of Paper, the app launched by Facebook that offers content selected to its users based on their interests with an interface designed specifically for storytelling.