Boom! Cattelan did it again. On all the newspapers, again. The new campaign in Rimini, which has just come out a few days ago, has caused a stir and has made a lot of talk. So it worked? It seems to have worked yes, because the aggression and the presumption that Cattelan is known. The desire to have no limits, perhaps it is even more known. Maurizio Cattelan is an artist. Why are we amazed at what he has achieved? Of course, he is also an advertising agent (mainly in fashion), but above all he is an artist. So it is right that he has proposed and implemented this campaign, after all an artist realizes what the heart transmits to him. The problem, perhaps, is who asked Cattelan to carry out that campaign. Would an agency have done better? maybe yes. I love art, and I love creating campaigns that can engage artists and agencies. But I think that, when the city of Rimini calls Cattelan, the result can only be this. So much clamor, so much bewilderment, as long as you talk about it. Personally I like the declinations (apart from the one with the stone and the knickers), but I would have expected them in a gallery, without copy and with someone who can appreciate them for what they are: works of art and non-advertising. Damiano