Over the past 5 years Prague startup scene has been considerably developed. As Prague has all facilities and sources needed for establishing and developing a startup idea not only for insiders but also for expats. Located in the very heart of Europe, Prague has a soli infrastructure and wage cost lower than average. It has been an attrattive destination for expats since the nineties, that is why nowadays many of them are living in Prague. Here you can find a wide branch of coworkings and startup accelerators, willing to help and share their experience. From lately opened StartupYard, TechSquare, Node5,IC and Prague Startup Centre should be mentioned. We bring you short description and links where you can find more information. Startup Yard is a seed accelerator and its goal is to help companies build viable products, launch fast and successfully raise capital. It follows the philosophy, methodology, and standard of world-class accelerators such as Y Combinator or TechStars. http://startupyard.com

Prague Startup center sets its mission as helping innovative entrepreneurs connect with investors, partners and mentors to kick-start their international growth. http://www.praguestartupcentre.cz

TechSquare enables corporations, startups, academia and the professional public get on the same wavelength. http://www.techsquare.cz
Node5 is a coworking for hackers, founders, thinkers, innovators and tech superstars. It supports collaboration, innovation and rebellion against the norms. http://node5.cz
JIC is also a startup accelerator providing full service for clients, growing business ideas, helping with strategy and developing existing business structures. https://www.jic.cz
Our agency is already in Prague for 2,5 years and we can see with our own eyes how the city is developing bringing more and more opportunities for young people, creating new workplaces. We believe in future of Prague and of course will be part of it.
Explore Prague and get inspired with us!