We all know that Italian Milan is famous as a city of business and fashion, the second largest city in Italy, one of the leading cities of industrial and modern design in the world and also one of the two existing GWC world settlements. The second is Prague, the heart of Central Europe. The Milan market is slightly larger for advertising than the Prague market – prestigious multinational clients and very interesting projects with customers from all over the world. The real challenge for us, but the Czech Republic, not because we have the ambition to be transferred to the Czech tradition of drinking coffee on the stojáka. Not. Prague is our heartbeat. The Czech and Italian marketing market is very different and presents many challenges for mutual enrichment. We are used to working with enthusiasm, perseverance, time clocks or we do not care – it is an important result for us and for customer satisfaction. And always and in all circumstances. We prefer a close relationship with the client, perhaps not reflecting our traditional “italismus” – professionals with a friendly, welcoming and highly empathetic approach. Well, maybe we are a little ‘more careful, but the goal is clear: understand the customer. Furthermore, we have used to work in an international environment – our Prague office is made by the Republic as well as international colleagues, as well as working with customers all over the world. This creates a perfect mix of creative, creative and inspiring activities. We take coffee at the counter and #getinspired… 🙂