The professionalism of a communication agency is based on the quality of its works, that are produced within a limited time and at short notice.

First of all, you must be sure to have exactly understood the brief, so you can properly explain and develop the strategy as requested by the client.

With a well-defined project it’s possible to take the next step, the most delicate of all process: the estimated timing.

At this point you have to deal with the client’s deadline: is it possible to complete the task within the shared timeline?

If yes, works can be started following a planning that takes into account internal reviews, with the object of deliver it by the working day before the deadline. The account who follows the project is allowed to request daily updates about the completion of the activity, to be aware of any eventual difficulty or delay.

If not, resources are added moving extended projects, and outsourcing can be valued for the activities that aren’t the core business of the agency and small “sacrifice of time” are made to guarantee the successful outcome and confirm the confidence in GWC World.