On social media, as in life, quality beats the quantity when it comes to budget optimization. In fact, on facebook for example, you can get great results with very few euros but you have to know how to invest in the best way. Having thousands of fans is not a result to boast of if the scope and the involvement do not grow in parallel. In fact, due to the ever-increasing presence of profiles and pages on the social network, the algorithm that regulates the display of content to individual people has been modified. The result is that on average the people who see the posts of a given page are a variable number between 7 and 10% of the total. For example, a one-page post with 100,000 likes can be seen by 7,000-10,000 people. How to reach the remaining fans? With a wise editorial plan that you consider the marketing objectives of the brand but also the needs of the fans. An interested person is much more likely to share or interact spontaneously with a post and, in turn, their friends will see the recommended content and will be more likely to interact in turn. This mechanism creates a virtuous circuit that will increase the organic visibility of individual communications. And social ads? If you have the opportunity to invest a small budget on Facebook, you should not just focus on growing fans, but use them to sponsor the communications that matter most to ensure the highest possible visibility. As I said before, do not aim at quantity at all costs but at the quality!