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Monday December 11th, 2017
ELEMENTS FOR A SUCCESSEFUL COMPARISON Communication, within a group or towards an external person, is also built thanks to many small tricks. For a direct and effective...
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Monday October 23rd, 2017
Design is a world with few players on the field but millions out to observe and judge. In general, there is nothing wrong with this. Criticizing and being criticized is good and...
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Thursday July 21st, 2016
Prague startup scene
Over the past 5 years Prague startup scene has been considerably developed. As Prague has all facilities and sources needed for establishing and developing a startup idea not only...
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Thursday December 17th, 2015
Happy Holidays!
Are you boring of the same wishes? In less than 2 minutes we give you the smile and you relive the Christmas' Spirit. Are you ready? Happy Christmas from Frank Sinatra feat. GWC...
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