Category: Copywriting

Thursday October 29th, 2015
A campaign in 4 video: GPL 1 one of Us
From its application of use as fuel it has passed years and technology has made great strides, too bad that the public has remained a bit 'back ... when the cylinders were bulky...
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Monday June 29th, 2015
PR & Press Office
Once upon a time there was the TV, the printed paper and the Radio, a good press office and a good content to be disclosed: these are the 3 basic ingredients to build your own...
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Friday June 26th, 2015
An Institutional video out of the ordinary!
The brief was clear: ban the banality for the new institutional video of Cosmetica Italia (Confindustria). The competition, which involved three Italian creative agencies, saw GWC...
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Thursday May 21st, 2015
As they say: a 'picture is worth a thousand words, let alone the moving image ... and the web has noticed: it is the era of VideoM ania! The video has become the protagonists of...
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Monday January 12th, 2015
Lactacyd: a year made of success!
2014 was the year of the relaunch of Lactacyd, we worked hard to design and implement a 9-month engagement plan for consumers: a structured, multitarget and multi-channel...
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