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Monday January 22nd, 2018
The evolution of press techniques
Before print was invented, in Europe all publications were handwritten, production costs were really high and the press activities time-consuming. Knowledge was reachable by a few...
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Monday September 25th, 2017
Graphic Design : the trends
The world of graphics is always evolving, trends come and go, some remain for months ... others even for years. But what are the visual trends that await us, that will remain and...
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Thursday August 31st, 2017
How to meet deadlines
The professionalism of a communication agency is based on the quality of its works, that are produced within a limited time and at short notice. First of all, you must be sure to...
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Thursday October 29th, 2015
A campaign in 4 video: GPL 1 one of Us
From its application of use as fuel it has passed years and technology has made great strides, too bad that the public has remained a bit 'back ... when the cylinders were bulky...
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Thursday July 23rd, 2015
All Cattelan's Fault
Boom! Cattelan did it again. On all the newspapers, again. The new campaign in Rimini, which has just come out a few days ago, has caused a stir and has...
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