Being permanently racing is a lifestyle now. At Christmas the desire to celebrate urges us to do everything possible to arrive in time and always in great style to the next party.

This is the concept behind the advertising campaign “Jingle bells on the move,” which describes Samsonite as the best travel and entertainment partner and it will also be at Christmas. Pics show “race to the party” moments on every unusual kind of transport. Campaign’s models speed on scooter, rollerblade, sidecar and much more. They are followed by the “travel must have” signed by Samsonite. Creativity is already on air in more than eighty countries.


Lucie Robinson – Photographer

Radka Sirková – Styling

Robinson Khun – Photo Producer

GWC World

Alessandro Malnati

Veronika Knobova

Petra Slavikova

Sara Saviello

Tommaso Tacchino

Giuseppe Lay