“The dream of your customers is a better and happier life. Do not sell products, enrich their lives “. In fact, Steve had taken us, as well as being a great marketing man could also be at the same time prophetic, especially regarding the wishes of consumers. In fact, nowadays we have the conviction, in most cases, that it is enough to sell your product to the best in order to be appreciated and thus to make the consumer loyal, without asking: What happens next? We asked ourselves this question, and we think that at the base of a good marketing strategy there must above all be the sensitivity and the creativity of imagining the life of the product even after its purchase: Tracing a well-defined path, ask questions about utility and ability of our product to get in touch with the daily life of the consumer is essential for the success of a marketing strategy, to give added value to our products and thus enrich the experience of our customers. Where the sale ends … must necessarily start the journey, or more properly the “costumer journey experience” Jeff Bezos knows something about this with the empire of Amazon, “the customer experience is no longer just a strategy, but the new reality of doing business”. Make the customer’s journey as easy as possible, share the joy of the online shopping experience with consumer reviews, personalized offers and recommendations based on previous purchase history, adapting information to specific customer needs, customer service available and automated, continuous innovation … these are just some of the assets we find in the most popular online shopping reality. What do you think?